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  • Reported by VGC and corroborated by Eurogamer today: the successor to the Switch, which was originally slated for launch in late 2024, will now reportedly launch in Q1 2025 (so around February-March territory) with Nintendo telling third party developers and publishers the new date. Important to note that the new reported release window is still located within the same fiscal year.

    I’m also able to corroborate these reports through my sources as well.

  • Well, this one’s an interesting glitch. From GamingReinvented:

    • Complete the Great Sky Island without collecting any materials
    • Get the Hylian Shield (or alternatively, any shield with a price value)
    • Speak to a shopkeeper
    • Say you’ll sell them items
    • You’ll end up in the shield tab
    • So just sell them the shield! It won’t disappear from the inventory, so you can just repeat until you’re rich

    In other words, not collecting ANY materials and any shield that has a value in Rupees completely breaks the game and nets you infinite Rupees. Try it out! My money’s on Nintendo patching this relatively soon, though. (No pun intended.)

  • Sonic X Shadow Generations Is Real

    I tried to get some more information on the game directly from Sega’s Media Portal, but they haven’t released anything for this yet.

    Here’s what I was able to find, though, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog!

    “The original Sonic Generations provided an unforgettable experience to Sonic fans old and new, as it combined nostalgia from the early days of Sonic with the latest modern Sonic gameplay at the time. The story centers around Sonic and friends as their universe is thrown into chaos when an ominous power appears, creating ‘time holes,’ which take Sonic and his friends back in time. While in the past, Sonic runs into some familiar faces including a classic version of himself! Together, they must team up to defeat enemies, save their friends, and find out who is behind this diabolical deed.”

    “On top of the remaster of the original Sonic Generations, fans will get to experience new content and play as Shadow the Hedgehog as he embarks on his own journey parallel to Sonic’s.

    Shadow was first introduced in 2001’s platformer, Sonic Adventure 2, and has been seen in various titles including Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, and his own spin-off title, Shadow the Hedgehog. He was created to be the ultimate lifeform with incredible speed, ferocious strength and a rare ability called Chaos Control – by harnessing the power of a Chaos Emerald, he can stop time and warp to new positions. He’s always on the lookout for dangers to the world and protects Earth in honor of an old friend.

    Since their first meeting, the Blue Blur has been the only one able to keep up with Shadow – a fact that both fascinates and frustrates Shadow – and has been the driving force to bring out the best in him. Two sides of the same coin, Sonic and Shadow are unfriendly rivals through and through, but they can put their differences aside when the fate of the world is at stake.

    Players will dive into Shadow’s dark past to understand his motivations and learn more about him as a character.”

    The collection releases in the fall of this year for Xbox One/Series X+S, Switch, and PS4/PS5, and if I had to guess, that probably means in September-November range.

  • As Bloomberg reports:

    “The new device from the Kyoto-based games maker will be responsible for a doubling in shipments of so-called amusement displays in 2024, Hayase said in Tokyo on Friday. His research focuses on small and medium displays and he bases annual forecasts on checks with companies in the supply chain.”

    If Hiroshi Hayase is to be believed, then Nintendo seems to be gearing up to potentially introduce the successor to its popular Nintendo Switch console. It will have an 8-inch LCD screen, with the OLED model to come at a later date after launch, similar to how Nintendo handled their Switch lineup. Additionally, data from this analyst would suggest that the company plans to ship 10 million or more units of its next-gen console in the first fiscal year.

    According to Bloomberg, the Switch has now shipped 132 million units.

    And worth noting, a spokesperson for Nintendo told Bloomberg they “had nothing to comment on” when asked by the publication for comment on their report.

  • DYKG took to YouTube to share the story of one of my personal heroes–Shigeru Miyamoto. To say he’s a legend would be an understatement. Both Miyamoto-san and Katsuya Eguchi are responsible for my love of Nintendo. While he’s not in the director’s chair often anymore, he’s still in the producer seat, guiding the next generation of developers.

    His story is one that will be told for generations to come. There’s truly no one else like Shigeru Miyamoto.

  • It appears that Nintendo has filed trademarks relating to the GameCube — mostly its fantastic controller — in the UK, as spotted by @Jo_ReggIt on Twitter and reported on by GoNintendo.

    From what I’m able to gather, it doesn’t seem like anything NES/SNES Classic-esque is coming for the cube-shaped console, and all evidence it seems this is just a routine renewal for Nintendo’s legal department. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t in preparation of adding the console to Nintendo Switch Online, either.

    It certainly wouldn’t be the first time (see the NES, SNES, and N64 controllers now sold by Nintendo for Switch Online subscribers, for example).