Comments aren’t a thing directly on the site — a deliberate choice to save on media storage and bandwidth. However, I am a present and active member on modern day social media and the ancient world of email, so I welcome your comments there instead!

In order of preference…

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For business inquiries:

I’m open to allowing weekly sponsored segments on Slade’s Corner. These will be advertised across the site with a tiny banner, as well as an accompanying (short) post disclosing the sponsorship. However, that said, here’s a list of things I can’t do in that regard.

  • I do not do “sponsored” segments for games with micro-transactions, gambling, or anything that glorifies addiction.
    • Apps that are not games that have in-app purchases (e.g. to unlock additional features) are fine.
  • I won’t accept sponsorships from any company that is based in Russia at this time.
  • I don’t do paid reviews–I reserve the right to share my opinion, not talking points given to me by a company.

If that’s all fine by you, then please do email [email protected] with the details. You’ll hear back from me or someone on the team within a week if there’s an opportunity there.