Regarding Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter has finally removed this from my profile. This post has been archived for historical purposes.

I’ve been getting harassed, so it’s time to address this, even though I’ve made manymany posts about it: yes, for whatever reason I am verified as a subscriber to Twitter Blue. I’d like to set the record straight, WITH SCREENSHOTS so I can stop enduring the harassment and blocks from fellow writers (I won’t name names, that’s not my thing.)

Are you actually a subscriber to Twitter Blue?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, I do not give “Space Karen” any money. I cancelled my sub in December and the badge has stuck since for whatever reason.

My Twitter account page, with the verified badge selected that states "This account is verified because it's subscribed to Twitter Blue." It is very much not subscribed to Twitter Blue.
The Twitter Blue marketing screen, stating features that are Coming soon (Rocket to the top of replies, mentions and search, See half the ads) as well as features included in Space Karen's plans for the service that is overpriced, and lastly: is clearly a cash grab in order to pay off the consequences of his ill-advised financial decisions.
The subscriptions tab within the App Store on my phone that clearly shows that I haven't been subscribed to Twitter Blue since it expired on January 9th, 2023. Below that it says I can Renew for $11.00/month.

So then why does it say you’re subscribed?

I suspect it is a bug, and I can’t do anything about it. Seriously! I do not work for Twitter, nor will I ever work at Twitter (or under Space Karen for that matter, you literally couldn’t pay me enough), and I do not have the ability to fix an issue they created by halphazardly “bodging” things together in production with very little testing.

Why were you subscribed then? Don’t you hate Space Karen?

I do, yes! The context here is that I was subscribed via a contractor for less than 2 months specifically for research which has long since been contributed & I no longer had no use for it so I had it cancelled because it was (and is) ridiculous. That’s as much as I’m legally allowed to say due to a non-disclosure agreement.

I’m being ethical

Please know that I adhere to the SPJ Code of Ethics to a tee when contributing to research, reporting, etc. I have, and will continue to admit, when I am wrong about something and immediately issue corrections. Period.

I also apply my own “code of ethics” when working on social media. “Paying to play, netting myself a badge and extra features, implies endorsement of a particular platform or service, and is a line I will not cross. I must do everything I can to be impartial.

Rest assured that my integrity as a researcher and writer/journalist is a million times more important to me than a social media website.

Thank you,
– Slade

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